Friday, April 4, 2008

Says Meg of Minnesota: Every person deserves their own Magnolia Cafe

Meg writes a blog to share her Top Five lists.

We're please to make it into her Top Five Restaurant list. She writes: "What makes food so great is the rest of the experience."

5. Magnolia Cafe, Austin, Texas
I had dropped out of high school and was waiting to find out whether I got into college or not the summer my sister came home from her freshman year at UCLA. A little after midnight, Sarah and I wanted to find a cup of coffee, so we went cruising around South Austin. That's when we found Magnolia, the digs I can't go without patronizing every time I visit Austin. I bring everyone there, and all the food is delicious. Every town deserves a 24-hour greasy spoon. Every person deserves their own Magnolia Cafe.

Click here to read her full blog post. Thanks Meg!